The Highest Quality Grades of Whole Darjeeling Tea Leaves
Easter Flush
First Flush  Late Febuary-Mid May
After the cold and dormant winter months, life takes on a new lease in Darjeeling with the First Flush. Spring's arrival is apparent with the appearance of new tender growth on the tea shrubs. The new tea leaves are fragile with a grey-green sheen. The tea liquor yielded by these delicate leaves is characterized by a light translucent color and a mild astringent flavor which imparts a lively character. The distinctive feature of this is a fragrant floral aroma and a bright lime-greenish eminence of the infused leaves.

Spring Flush
Second Flush  May - June

The Second Flush or Spring Flush is famed for its prominent quality. The leaf has a purplish bloom. The liquor is bright, the taste full and round with a fruity note.

Summer Flush
July - September

During this second picking season, the nature of the liquor yielded changes. It becomes stronger yet retains the brightness and character. The teas picked during the rainy season are thought to hold too much water.

Fall Flush
Autumnal Flush  October - November

Autumn harvested Darjeeling. Teas are characterised by large leaves that gives a coppery liquor with a round taste.


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